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John Ruler
John Ruler

With  some 50 years’ experience as as an award winning travel writer, guidebook author  and photographer, I can delve deeply  into my  three  pet subjects – producing Essential copy to suit individual needs.


Essentially Horses
See how a lucky break led me into riding some 600 horses in 48 countries. Read, too, about rare breeds, carriage driving, working horses and a host of other equestrian topics.

See: Essentially Horses


Essentially UK
As a former chief reporter and district editor, expect a local newspaper emphasis on characters, customs, history and gardens with the emphasis on  Kent and Greater London. A history of Bromley and eight years as a magazine columnist helped establish me as a specialist writer on the region.

See: Essentially UK


Essentially France
Essentially Northern France: A cross-Channel booze cruise, some 20 years ago, and a growing nosiness for what lay beyond Calais led to my love of Nord-Pas de Calais and writing the Bradt guide, the first to a region too often missed by motorists on their mad dash south.

See: Essentially France     

Essentially World War One
In 2014 Bradt’s guide to the World War One Battlefields jointly written with fellow travel Emma Thomson became an instant success; published in 2018, a second and larger edition remains a big seller.
See: Essentially World War One


See: Essentially Travel Articles

More general features on countries in which horse riding plays a part  e.g. Costs Rica, Old West. Iceland etc.