Marvin heads up a tale of success !

IT took a fluffy wide-eyed white charmer called Marvin not only to fulfil Julie Smith’s wish to own a puppy but convince her to form Adorabuddies selling hand-crafted pom pom and felt collectables based on the heads of pet lovers’ cats and dogs. ‘ I never thought I could have a dog because I have allergies until I discovered that Coton De Tulears are hypoallergenic (less allergic than other breeds) ’, she told me as Marvin proudly posed for the camera. This was back in 2017. By the end of 2018 after starting with Pom Pom Pets `- the reaction to which was ‘they are so ADORABLE can you make me one? ‘ – Julie set up Adorabuddies.

Kelly and Julie at work; left Julie at a Kent craft fair.

She was joined by her cat loving friend Kelly Rose, a graphic designer with a background in cardmaking.

Since then, they have expanded into ‘anything really from turtles to frog heads, also an elephant a gorilla and even an orang-utan. People simply collect items involving animals they like,’ said Julie. They now stick to the top favourites though will tackle others. Unicorns are apparently adored by little girls, along with other fantasy figures. They have also branched out into key chains and badges; mini collectables are also in the offing. With each animal or pet uniquely different, the appropriate eyes or noses are carefully selected from differing sources. Wool, bought in bulk, is equally matched to its subject. The most popular colours include black and white, shades of grey and ginger. And though colours are more standardised with cats, tabbies, admits Julie, means making sure the stripes are correct. Yes, in case you are wondering, there is a Marvin Adorabuddy ! News flash: Watch out for future crochet and other adaptations of Adorabuddies !

See:   Photos: John Ruler (c)